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Mystery Architecture Pictures

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Mystery Architecture Pictures

I uploaded a bunch of mystery architecture pictures to my Flickr space.

Here was the winning tower, at 69 cm high.

Mystery Architecture Results

Team Members Hold Ball? Height Width
2 CB RS Y 69 45
1 NR AW Y 66 6
11 RL Y 65 11
8 MA CK Y 62 49
3 DC VM Y 55 40
7 BW WH Y 51 12
4 IA JL Y 12 10
5 VF CE N    
6 LE JW N    
10 CK N    

Mystery Architecture

Something to think about – which shape is the strongest? Here is an example of a tower built with a rectangle base (you could imagine building extra layers on top). Would a triangle be stronger? A pyramid? How could you make the rectangle stronger?

Here is an interesting site to help you think about it.